Rolex Basel World 2014 new table debut in Shanghai

Rolex at the Shanghai Bund 27, the world's only brand experience center "Rolex World" (The Rolex Experience) is presented at the 2014 Basel World Watch and Jewelery Fair grand launch of the classic Oyster series of new watches and new Chellini series Watch, which not only for the traditional dress table to give Rolex unique features, and interpretation of modern style. In the exhibition over a period of more than a month, the public will have the opportunity to close watch these new watch. Rolex Basel World replica watches uk Basel World "Rolex World" This exclusive space covers an area of ​​more than 800 square meters, set the brand history, sponsorship theme exhibition and classic watch display and sales in one, this exhibition gathers Rolex classic heritage style for the public to bring worthy of the name Of the annual appreciation of new products and all-round interactive brand experience. These new watches from the case, strap to the mechanical movement, and the design to the precious stones inlay, Rolex are in the various tabulation process areas to fully demonstrate their innovation, expertise and extraordinary accomplishments. Brand to the tabulation process mastery, especially in the Oyster-type constant-action Greenwich II watch above one of the forming of red and blue color Cerachrom word ring; for the new generation of women's watch movement created by innovation Syloxi silicon hairspring; and legendary diving wrist Table Oyster-type constant action to make the new 4000 model. All Rolex watches are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested by the four manufacturing companies established in Switzerland, regardless of the Oyster or Chellini series. Each watch is innovative technology, outstanding achievements, elegant style and reliable performance, rich tabulation tradition of extraordinary crystallization Rolex for Oyster-style rolex replica series presents breakthrough innovative ceramic technology, for the Oyster-type constant-action Greenwich II-type assembly of the world's first integrated forming red and blue color Cerachrom word circle. This new two-color ring successfully made two patented invention, it is not only the integration of technology and aesthetics, but also on the ceramic brand for many years of important research results. The new design retains the 1955 original Greenwich-style classic aesthetic features, combined with high performance, effective scratch-resistant and extremely strong Rolex Cerachrom outer ring. New generation of sea to make type 4000 Rolex launched the new Oyster Perpetual Sea-type watch, so only in 1967, the advent of the legendary professional divers watch before reproduce. Designed specifically for deep-sea dive pioneers, this professional watch is an important addition to the underwater engineering firm Comex (Compagnie Maritime d'Expertises). The watch is water resistant to a depth of 1,220 meters (4,000 feet) and is equipped with innovative technological innovations in line with the latest Rolex standards, as well as a branded helium valve assembly. Rolex special ladies watch equipped with the new movement 2236, assembly plant developed Syloxi silicon hairspring to ensure that each watch has an unparalleled precision performance. This entirely by the Rolex self-winding mechanical movement made a total of five new patents, brand ladies watch with a new generation of movement. The movement is based on an innovative and patented silicon technology that includes optimized gossamer geometries and an efficient fixation system design. As with all Rolex constant movement, the Model 2236 is also certified by Swiss official accreditation timekeeper, which is awarded exclusively to precision watches successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). 2236-type movement is the first time equipped with the new Oyster Perpetual Diary pearl ladies 34 set gem watch, this watch in 2014 Basel World Watch and Jewelery Fair grand launch. Inlaid with diamonds rolex replica new Oyster Perpetual Diary pearl ladies watch 34 decorated with diamonds and sparkling diamonds and sapphires, fully demonstrated its precious stones mosaic process. Only the best quality gems, can only match with the Rolex watch. The new watch is not only cleverly combined with the Rolex watchmaking process, and the charming gem mosaic process in the dense diamond dial, outer ring and a special watch strap to be embellished. The new Oyster Perpetual Diary pearl ladies 34 watch equipped with 2236-type movement, this movement specifically designed for ladies watch, the Syloxi silicon hairspring developed by Rolex. The new SKY-DWELLER Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller brings together 14 patents, is the most innovative watch in recent years, the series is now launched three new models. The new watch with 18ct gold, white gold or eternal rose gold to create, with a new dial, strap and leather strap combination for the existing series into the rich elements. Sky-Dweller is an exceptional timepiece for travelers around the world, featuring a dual time zone display and an innovative calendar, as well as an easy-to-use feature set - the Ring Command rotating outer ring. Electro-optic blue MILGAUSS Rolex presents the new Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch, showing a unique and symbolic aesthetic features. Watch with a green crystal mirror and electro-optic blue dial, reminiscent of the classic lightning-shaped second hand and watch the paramagnetic technical characteristics. The original Milgauss was introduced in the 1950s and was designed for engineers and scientists at the time. Through the green crystal mirror, you can see the dial fascinating tone. Diamond in Diamonds Rolex launched the new Oyster-type constant-action cosmic type Daytona diamond watch, the magnificent 950 platinum platinum and pure quality of the ingenious fusion of sparkling diamonds. In addition to ice blue chronograph, the entire dial paved with diamonds. Unique ice blue only Rolex platinum watch is unique, while the gorgeous eye-catching outer ring is set with 36 square cut diamonds. Oyster model Classic Rolex Oyster Perpetual Series, is the introduction of 31 and 36 mm of the new watches, each equipped with a unique new dial. Oyster concept of the essence, is clearly and accurately display the time. Oyster series of constant movement with the famous Rolex waterproof oyster-type case and to the precise and reliable Rolex self-winding movement known for constant movement. Oyster Perpetual Series for the official identification recognized timepieces, with Oyster series of all the basic elements, Rolex fully demonstrates the legendary image. This watch configuration configuration of the new dial to elegant and rich movement style of color, in the watch stand out. Rolex presents the new series of Celini, to highlight the contemporary spirit of the classical style of classical watches and timeless elegance. The new collection consists of 12 classic watches, each set of professional technology and sophisticated technology in one, full of Rolex watch the traditional meaningful place. With simple and elegant lines, noble and magnificent materials, and refined luxury modification, all details are in line with the tabulation process rules. All the new Chellini watches are equipped with extremely precise self-winding mechanical movement, all certified by the Observatory as precision timepieces and manufactured by Rolex. Celini series can be divided into three categories, each with four 18ct white gold or eternal rose gold to create the watch. Cellini Time is a classic example of the tabulation; and Cellini Date by the secondary dial pointer to add calendar function. Finally, Cellini Dual Time displays the time in both time zones. To show the purest of the traditional style, Celini series watch with bright black crocodile leather strap, and with 18ct gold buckle. Chellini watch completely incarnate as the guardian of the time, it is a symbol of luxury style, truly reflects the extraordinary value of life art.