Buy a table like a married wife Bai Fumei also well fed

Chinese people are looking to buy a long year, that white is to use a long time to buy a million worth of watches have to be repaired at every turn, he certainly too tired. Buy a table just like a married woman: you can be tall, but must be good birth. Strong watch is used to crush another piece A symbol of strong replica watches uk technology (picture from the cooperative media Watch Anish) Talk about what happened around me, let me watch the degree of solid has a new understanding. Mr. CZ baggage at the airport, the wrist and the impact of strangers together, but also are worn on the left wrist watch, a stranger a well-known watch section (made in Switzerland, China assembly, people love, marriage must ) So fly out, floor, spread out, large beads beads drop jade plate body. Mr. CZ Rolex is also good to wear on the wrist, the case is only a very shallow scratches. This made me a long experience, then everyone will say: Rolex Niubi ah, Rolex can self-defense ah! But this story, Mr. CZ not to say, afraid of destruction of the disintegration of the watch in the country's reputation, think of their own good or evil, or to mix watch circle, can not let the brand when the "wrist bitch", I had to shut up Talk about the scene that silly silence in mind, the external can only take the trouble to say: Rolex Well, Rolex can self-defense ah! You want to ask Mr. CZ which day in the end is which? I can not tell you, because Mr. CZ is afraid of him that he is showing off his wealth. But I can give you recommend a more cattle than he, do not think of who crashed, it is not kind! At least have to buy a few blocks to wear a few years is still a new bright, right? Here to give you recommended block rolex replica Greenwich II! First said bezel, red and blue color Cerachrom word circle, and came out in 1955 the first Greenwich-type outer ring is exactly the same, where the mystery? You know, some things do not exist, the reason is very simple: difficult to make, so the two-color ceramic. All along, no one can watch in the high-tech ceramic components showing two different colors, until the Rolex to create a precedent. What are the practical meanings of Cerachrom? Is not to look good Oh! This design has excellent scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, even by ultraviolet radiation does not fade, once and for all purchase, always with the new! As for the GMT function, easy to read the pilot can not help you? Finally, talk about the movement to talk to this as the representative of the 3186 movement, where the mystery? Equipped with a patent Rolex Parachrom hairspring, from the magnetic field interference, the face of temperature changes are still extremely stable, earthquake resistance than the traditional gossamer 10 times higher, the movement made to spend if they do not have the above points that is "temporary possession , Can not be forever. Saying the previous Mr. CZ why his watch did not fly out after a violent impact? Because replica watches are basically solid chain buckle strap, which means wearing it to prevent all kinds of accidents open, if you get fat or wear outside the coat (in fact, wear a suit to wear diving design) extended 5 Mm design, so you absolutely can. If a grade which I recommend a watch to marry / get married, send him / her a Rolex, because Niubi ah, strong ah, durable ah, strong performance ah, just like marriage, not seeking the most eye-catching but seeking The most reliable ah.